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Welcome to RazorSharp Knives where you can buy online Japanese knives in New Zealand from top Japanese Knife brands Tamahagane and Sakai Takayuki. We are BESS certified knife sharpeners and we can professionally sharpen knives to restore a razor-sharp edge on all quality culinary knives. 

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Sakai Takayuki

Sakai Takayuki Japanese knives are forged from the highest quality materials and polished by Japanese swordsmiths using timeless traditional technology, handed down over centuries. Sakai Takayuki Japanese knives are hand sharpened, resulting in a beautiful product with maximum sharpness out of the box.  


Tamahagane has the meaning of great sharpness and pure steel. For over six decades, Tamahagane Japanese knives have been produced in Niigata and refined using century-old techniques resulting in an extraordinary and beautiful knife range that's highly regarded by culinary experts worldwide.

Customer Reviews

"highly recommend the quality of the workmanship"

We have had our knives sharpened several times by RazorSharp Knives including a genuine Japanese Gyuto knife and can highly recommend the quality of the workmanship, and the service is absolutely marvellous which also includes cardboard sheathes to remind us the knives have  just been sharpened so be careful!  

Gay - Tauranga

"it is the best knife I have ever owned. I highly recommend."

Great service from Al taking our knives to incredibly sharp. Never have they been so sharp. Prompt, friendly service. Also, worth a look at his selection of knives to buy. I purchased one, and it is the best knife I have ever owned. I highly recommend.

Claire - Tauranga

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Knife Sharpening Service

We are dedicated to achieving the ultimate edge on your culinary knives and are the only BESS Certified Knife Sharpeners in New Zealand. We are happy to sharpen your knives, whether Japanese or not, and always strive for the ultimate razor edge. All knives are BESS tested and certified. A copy of the before and after test results will be included when your knife is returned. If you are not in the Tauranga area, we offer a courier service at a minimal cost to send your knives back to you. 

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